16 avril 2012

Passion Portrait: DJ Shash'u

RICHARD ST-AUBIN, a.k.a DJ SHASH'U- DJ & COMPOSER-   I started playing drums when I was 9 and my dad was a classical guitarist, so music was always in my family. Later on, I was introduced to making music by a friend. My curiosity grew into passion. I was 17 when I started making my own music because I had access to the tools. I went to sound-engineering school, sharpened my knowledge and now I feel that I can do anything audio-related. Now I make music for other artists, corporate clients and websites. I’m broadening my horizons not by just making music, but by doing audio creation as well.   It’s something I enjoy and that I consider I’m good at, but I keep working in this field in part because I love the positive reaction I get from people who hear my songs. You have to get that response back from people; it’s how I can relate to them. I also find it highly rewarding making people feel a certain way through music. I do it to make people happy. I create a physical, mental, and spiritual escape for them through music. That for me has no comparison.   To find out more: http://soundcloud.com/shashu  https://www.facebook.com/btm.shashu (you must be signed in to Facebook to view the page) https://twitter.com/iamshashu http://www.silencedor.com/        

10 avril 2012

Alvin Ailey at Place des Arts

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre will be performing in Montreal at the Place des Arts between April 19 – 21st. On the program are five pieces, including two Alvin Ailey classics Revelations and Streams, as well as three newer pieces In/Side, Takademe, and The Hunt choreographed by recently appointed Artistic Director Robert Battle. Don’t miss this chance to see one of the world’s greatest dance companies on stage!

03 avril 2012

Sugar Shacking with Style and Goodwill

On March 30th, Artmistice was proud to be part of a great fundraising event putting a modern twist to a cherished Quebec tradition. Harmonising Quebec gigue with tap dance and stepping, the Artmistice dancers gave a unique and electrifying performance never seen before. Congratulations and many thanks to the talented dancers and collaborative efforts of the exceptional choreographers for creating such a memorable (and shall we say sweet?) piece.

03 avril 2012

MonstaPop and Venom Represent Canada

Congratulations to MonstaPop and Venom who were among only 144 dancers selected around the world to compete at the Juste Debout Street Dance Festival and competition in France on March 11th. MonstaPop and Venom made history as the very first dancers to represent Canada in the popping component of the competition. While they did not bring home the big prize, we are extremely proud of these guys for placing 2nd! They came back with their heads held high and pumped for next year. Amazing job, guys! Check out their performance here.