31 août 2012

Portrait Passion: Kim Barr

    KIM BARR-   FILM DIRECTOR-   It’s always an interesting question for me: “why do I do what I do?”  I guess at the heart of it is the desire to tell stories.   When I was a fashion photographer my editorials always looked liked film stills. One day it occurred to me that with a motion picture camera, not only could I capture the movement I tried to create in my photos using odd angles and framing, but I could also fill in the gaps of the story I was telling. So, one thing lead to another and I started making films.   When I am working on a script, or editing another writer’s script before production, I always ask myself if this is the most authentic way I can tell this story. And, if not, what can I draw from in my own experience to make it so? The best films for me are those where you just know that the scriptwriter and/or filmmaker have been on a journey that informs the story you see unfolding on screen. It doesn’t matter if it is a romantic comedy, buddy film, animation, or a great drama- it must ring true. This is much easier said than done and I can’t say that I have mastered it, and maybe I never will, but I love trying - which is probably an indication that it is my life’s work.   To find out more: Website: www.kimbarr.com Facebook page IMBD: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1409900/

01 août 2012

Sonia Clarke Teaching at Ballet Divertimento

Artmistice President Sonia Clarke will be teaching adult jazz classes every Monday evening at Ballet Divertimento from August 27th. Sonia is thrilled of the opportunity as are many former students and dancers throughout Montreal who have been eagerly awaiting her return to teaching.