14 September 2013

Is Rhythm A Dancer?

A new trend has caught on in London that throws you back in time: a pop-up fitness rave on classic dance tracks from the 90s where lycra and glow-sticks are obviously welcome. Would shaking your thing on 'What is love?', 'Pease don't go', and 'Finally' be just the thing for you to get back in shape?

13 September 2013

Sonia Clarke At l'École Supérieure Teaching Jazz

Founder of Artmistice Sonia Clarke is back teaching a jazz class at  the École Supérieure de ballet du Québec.  She's happy to be back at this ballet institution and even more excited at the idea that they're broadening their dance repertoire by adding jazz, pilates and flamenco to the class list. 

13 September 2013

Plunge Into Dance!

Many great companies are coming to present new pieces this season at Danse Danse . Contemporary companies from all over the world are coming through Montreal, from the rising star on the New York scene Kyle Abraham to British choreographer Wayne McGregor. If you want to discover dance in all its forms, this season should be at the top of your list.