09 February 2015

Trey Parker’s Cannibal! The Musical

Cannibal The Musical opens February 10th at the Panasonic Theatre in Toronto for a 3-week run. Trey Parker originally wrote, produced, co-scored, directed and acted in the musical as a film, prior to co-creating South Park and The Book of Mormon with regular collaborator, Matt Stone. Loosely based on the true story of Alferd Packer and the journey from Utah to Colorado that found Packer’s fellow travellers inextricably dead and partially eaten, the movie has since been adapted for the stage with new jokes and songs, and is now launching its world premiere.

09 February 2015

Festival Montréal en Lumière

The 16th edition of Montréal en Lumière, the annual winter festival offering extensive programming in performing arts, gastronomy, and free outdoor activities will run from February 19 to March 1st. Every year, the festival closes with the ever-so-popular Nuit Blanche on February 28, an entire night (from sunset to sunrise) of discoveries in music, art installations, exhibitions, dance, and more. All activities are free and linked by free shuttle service. Check out the Montréal en Lumière website for more information.