Founded in 2008, Artmistice is a production company that relentlessly delves into the unusual, the unexpected and the uninhibited. Boldly innovative, Artmistice examines the pressures of social conformity, skillfuly translating its discourse from mind to body, enthralling audiences with its eclectic style. Artmistice celebrates acceptance and diversity, inviting people to open their minds and embrace their differences.

Our mission \\

To establish dance as a conductor to all art forms through its infusion into all manifestations of creation.

Sonia Clarke \\


Initiated to the universe of dance at age 4, Sonia graduated in Classical Dance at the Grands Ballets Canadiens in 1989.

Throughout her career, Ms. Clarke has never stopped exploring different facets of dance through master classes in France, the United Kingdom and the United States. Her training has allowed her to gain greater knowledge in a variety of styles: contemporary, modern, jazz, Afro-Caribbean, as well as many urban dance styles. Her rich and diversified experience and her professional qualities make of her a highly coveted choreographer and teacher. < Previous

Music : Justice