Passion Portrait: Tudor Radulescu




I decided quite late in CEGEP to study architecture. I was headed towards something colder, more mathematical. However, I needed something more, something between science and art. We have the right to allow ourselves to dream, to do things differently. Architecture, with its technique and details, is an art. It’s creation.


In the morning, I have butterflies in my stomach. I have a desire to work. And it’s not for the aesthetics, but for the appreciation of the everyday people who pass by our creations. Just because we may see something every day doesn’t mean that it needs to be mundane. The right to dream is something that stands out because people often have a tendency to do repetitive things.


For those who are interested in architecture, I want to tell them that they can allow themselves to do things differently; you just need to have the will and you mustn’t be afraid. Architecture is a wonderful profession that deserves to be pursued. If you think you’re not good enough of an illustrator, rest assured, that’s something that can be learned- as long as the desire and passion are there.


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